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Popalova's Bio

Popalova is a multi-genre DJ with roots in Hip Hop. 


Popalova, also known as Vadim Poplavsky, is originally from Uzbekistan, grew up in Petach Tikvah, and now lives in Netanya. He began his musical journey watching Limp Bizkit on MTV in the 1990s, which led him to buy a turntable and mixer. 

Popalova began his professional music career in 2009, DJing at Israeli Hip Hop shows with many major acts. Since then, he has maintained his hip-hop roots while also DJing at mainstream parties with genres including pop, EDM, and dance music. He also makes crowds jump with his Hip Hop DJ group Groove Salad.

Popalova is a well-established act within the Israeli music scene, performing with famous Israeli rappers including Ravid Plotnik (Nechi Nech), Shabak Sameh, Shahak, Teddy Negusse, Lukach, Z.K., and T.O.B. In 2017, he performed on the main stage of the Yaarot Menashe Festival along with Kosha Dillz. 

DJ Popalova shows no signs of slowing down and holds a well-earned reputation as the life of the party.


Popalova's Shows