Welcome to NRD, the only music distribution service out there that doesn’t want your money. We want your music to be played over and over again by listeners around the world. While they shop, eat out, or just hang out listening to something good. Your music will be there. We distribute your music to a large audience for free.
Yeah ok, but how do we all make money?
When you list your music on NRD, two things happen. First, we feature your music on over 150 digital platforms, the usual suspects included – apple, Spotify, youtube, amazon, etc’. Second, we utilize our network of in-store music apps. These apps act as music players in brick and mortar businesses. That means that every time your song gets played in a store, shopping mall, gym, and thousands of other locations, you get paid. Made a local shopkeeper’s favorite playlist? Get constant hits on your music!
NRD only gets paid if you get played. Every hit on our tracks pays out through our various distribution platforms, with 70% of the revenue going to the artist, giving you full control over your music.
Having your music featured EVERYWHERE is incredible on its own, but it doesn’t always guarantee hits and listens. With NRD your music will be heard no matter what as part of our built-in playlists! Mastered and cut, built to perfection.
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