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NIRO is a Disco House & Electro DJ and producer signed with Joy Records.


He is creating a unique sound that combines infectious rhythms with hypnotic melodies, aiming to captivate listeners like never before.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of deep and thought-provoking texts, NIRO infuses his music with a groovy and nostalgic vibe based on music he has absorbed as a young kid.

NIRO thrives on the challenge of bringing people together on the dance floor, creating a unified experience that transcends everyday life through his sets.


As a DJ, he takes pride in curating the night's atmosphere and allowing people to escape through the music he plays.

Niro's tracks have amassed hundreds of thousands of streams and shares worldwide.


NIRO plays on a regular basis in clubs in Israel, Amsterdam and Ibiza.

His radio show called "TWISTED TUNEZ RADIO," is gaining recognition from fellow electronic artists that he supports on the show.

NirØ's music

nirØ's sets

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