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Morenper's Bio

MORENPER was formed by the two experienced DJs & Producers from Israel - Yaron Mor and Gal Peri.

Together they bring a unique and powerful sound to the dance floors. Their tracks have a happiness signature that you won’t miss. The inspiration for their tracks comes from the need to be happy and free, and the strong energy they get from their fans on and off the dancefloor.

You could catch them playing at ADE festivals and other places in Europe and Israel.

Their latest songs ‘Drink’ and ‘Sombrero’ got a lot of attention by hitting the radio channels, clubs, music playlists and media advertisements around the world. Both tracks feature the special vocalist Meital De Razon (Offer Nissim, Epiphany, Yinon Yahel).

Their mission is to bring people together with love, passion and harmony You will always find them dancing and smiling while playing their unique sounds they love the most.

MORENPER hosts a weekly radio show called “Special D”, This radio show brings an energetic and joyful sound that makes you want to dance. Now the guys are working hard in the studio on creating the perfect mashups or how they call it smashups, that combine energy and emotions.

MORENPER wants to see you rave while singing!

morenper's music

morenper's music

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