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Katy Rise

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Katy Rise's Bio

Katy Rise is a Dj and Producer from Ukraine.

Music has always been a part of her life. She started Djing in 2016, and has gained all the attention with her unique music taste, which she featured in her exclusive live streams on her YouTube channel, gathering thousands of views and support.


She has been a guest on various radio shows around the world, as well as doing her own residency at a radio station and clubs. By 2020, she became a co-founder of the organizational musical movement “NATURE BEAT”, where she participates in organizing musical events and festivals.

Purely self-made and unstoppable, she’s reaching the next levels in producing. Captivating with her own powerful key sound in electronic music she successfully achieved all the highest positions on the Beatport music charts.

Katy Rise’s Dj performance always carries a powerful euphoric atmosphere and leaves an unforgettable impression and feeling.

sets by katy rise

Katy Rise's Music 

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