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Gentlemen & Juci Bio

Gentlemen & Juci are a young Israeli Hip Hop Duo officially formed in early 2020.
Mike (Gentleman) and Yossi (Juci) grew up together in Natanya, Israel. They’ve had a passion for music since they were little kids but it took them some time to decide to take their talent seriously.

After hundreds off times jamming together and preforming for their friends they decided to finally make a song together and release it to the world.
In mid 2020 they released their first song combined with a music video.

They quickly got a lot of attention from the Israeli hip hop scene. The unique combination off Gentleman’s energetic personality combined with great rap skills and Juci’s velvet voice with a Middle Eastern sound got them noticed by Joy Group A&R team. 
These days Gentlemen & Juci are Working on a number of music projects with producer HEVI LEVI and Joy Group’s Production team.
In early December they were Featured in Daniel Bar - El's new single “where is the strength from ?”, a powerful protest song and music video about the situation in Israel 2020. 
They are currently working on a few songs and soon will be releasing their next great single.

Gentleman & Juci's Music

Pull Up By G&J

Gentleman & Juci's Merchandise 

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