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Fleanger's Bio

Mor Kessel, AKA FLEANGER, is an electronic music producer and a performing artist from Israel signed with Joy Group. 

FLEANGER’s stage name stems from a music production effect he favors called “Flanger,” which adds depth to certain sounds, with an added letter E for the electronic music he produces. Today, FLEANGER constantly works on his music and appears at selected venues around the world.


He is known as the youngest artist in Israel to have found his sound’s fingerprint.

While growing up, he had trouble connecting with others his age. He started to use art as a way to express himself, and escape his troubles. First with drawing, graffiti, and then piano, which led him to writing music. Eventually, he wanted to combine all of his creativity, and so became a producer. 

After some time, he embraced his passion for music and decided to pursue a career as a musician by training tirelessly. “I know that before my name, I am first a musician and only then a person.” 

Every FLEANGER track always has a story behind it. His goal is for listeners to feel the emotion he is conveying through his music, and to deeply connect to the story he is telling.

“When people listen to my music, I want them to feel a sense of confidence and have hope in their lives — I want my music to inspire people to have in their life what I struggled to find when I was young, before I discovered music.”

His musical inspirations range from Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert, to Pink Floyd, and his favorite band, Depeche Mode.

FLEANGER continues to release new music. He is constantly creating, telling, and sharing authentic, healing stories. He gives the world what we all need, a friend, a truthful connection, through music. 

Enjoy, listen, and feel.

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