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Fleanger's Bio

FLEANGER, a rising electronic music talent from Tel Aviv, Israel.
now based in Berlin.
Starting with a passion for art, he found his true voice in the piano, crafting intricate narratives through music.
Fleanger channels the boundless power of music for self-expression and connection. Inspired by the "Flanger" effect, he weaves it into his electronic creations, forming a unique sonic journey.

Transitioning from pianist to producer, FLEANGER's dedication to his craft shines through each composition. His music is a vessel for stories, inviting listeners to connect on a profound level, transcending boundaries. His authenticity and healing energy make his music a universal language, bridging isolation and resonating with the human experience.

FLEANGER's commitment to fostering authentic connections through music is unwavering, offering a heartfelt invitation to explore the power of sound and emotion. Dive into his musical world, where notes and feelings merge, leaving an enduring impact on the heart and mind.

Fleanger's music


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