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FixMix's Bio

FixMix (Yaniv Podlovni) is a Tel Aviv based Psy Trance DJ/producer.
FixMix came from a musical family - his father was a DJ, and he learned DJing from him since he was a child.


FixMix continued his learning of music production and DJing at BPM College at the age of 16.
He is playing since then at parties and private events, and founded a company that includes attractions for events.


FixMix appeared in the most prestigious clubs in Tel Aviv - Shalvata, Clara, Fineshmaker, Litzman, Fashion bar, Duplex, Story, Hangar 09 etc.
Playing at some great Festivals, such as Cream Festival ,Sun Express and a tour in Aiya Napa.


In the last two years, FixMix released various of tracks, such as “Like a Boss”,  “Pain in the a$$”, “Harem”, “Toca Laco” 
"Open Sesame", "Tahiti", "Ecuador", "Mesiba Babagdad"Lukach. "Bliss - My LSD Song (Fixmix Remix)"

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