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FixMix's Bio

FixMix (Yaniv Podlovni) is a Tel Aviv based Psy Trance DJ/producer.
FixMix came from a musical family - his father was a DJ whom he learned DJing from as a young child.


FixMix continued his learning of music production and DJing at BPM College at the age of 16.
He is playing since then at parties and private events, and founded a company that includes attractions for events.


FixMix appeared in the most prestigious clubs in Tel Aviv - Shalvata, Clara, Fineshmaker, Litzman, Fashion bar, Duplex, Story, Hangar 09 etc.
Playing at some great Festivals, such as Cream Festival ,Sun Express and a tour in Aiya Napa.


In the last two years, FixMix released various of tracks, such as “Like a Boss”,  “Pain in the a$$”, “Harem”, “Toca Laco” 
"Open Sesame", "Tahiti", "Ecuador", "Mesiba Babagdad"Lukach. "Bliss - My LSD Song (Fixmix Remix)"

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