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Daniel Bar-El's Short Bio

Daniel Bar-El is a rapper, pianist, songwriter, producer and composer.
Daniel realised he wanted to learn piano at the age of 5, After imitating TV show intros on his toy keyboard he asked his parents to take piano lessons.

Even though the teacher told his parents that 5 is too young, Daniel insisted on learning how to play the piano.
After graduating from Raanana's music school, Daniel studied music production at BPM school of music and learned how to turn his ideas into actual songs.

Daniel joined Joy Records at 2018 as an intern and made his way up the ladder while participating in many projects:
Daniel co produced the "Kidz and Babiez" project. A project that  offeres relaxing covers of Israeli music including songs by Zohar Argov, Idan Raichel and the Banai family that are suitable for children.
Daniel assisted HEVI LEVI in productions involving Israel's finest artists including Alon De Loco, Lukach, Ron Nesher, Sivan, Itay Levi, Omri 69 Segal, and many more.

During the process of working in the Israeli hip hop industry,  Daniel started producing his own beats and writing his own songs. He is currently working on his debut album and is very excited to release his music to the world

Daniel Bar-El's Music

Daniel Bar-El's Merchandise