Daniel Bar-El's Bio

Daniel Bar-El is a rapper, pianist, songwriter, producer, and composer.

After learning TV show intros on his toy keyboard at the age of five, Daniel realized that he wanted to learn to play the piano and asked his parents for lessons. Although his first piano teacher told his parents that five was too young to learn to play the piano, Daniel continued to insist on lessons. Daniel eventually graduated from Raanana’s music school and then studied music production at BPM school of music, learning how to turn his ideas into actual songs.

Daniel joined Joy Records in 2018 as an intern, advancing professionally while he participated in many different projects. Daniel helped to create the Kidz and Babiez label at Joy Group, which offers music and stories suitable for children. Daniel also assisted HEVI LEVI with projects involving Israeli artists such as Alon De Loco, Lukach, Ron Nesher, Sivan, Itay Levi, and Omri 69 Segal. ​

Daniel is currently working on his debut album. He is very excited to release his music to the world.

Daniel Bar-El's Music