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Atomic Pulse's Bio

Atomic Pulse is veteran producer & Dj, Tamir Ozana. For almost 2 decades he has been infecting the planet with a huge crystal clear, yet groovy sound. His long and fruitful career kick started at the age of 16 when Tamir bought his first Virus synthesizer. At the age of 18 he completed a sound engineer degree and was introduced into Israel’s local Psy-Trance scene. 
Several of his tracks, including cooperations with future stars as Astrix, were instantly picked up by HOMmega and other major labels around the world. The Atomic Pulse sound was heavily appreciated and supported by a growing number of djs and fans alike. Nowadays, his discography holds an impressive number of original tracks, collaborations & remixes. And no less than 7 studio albums, released between 2002 and 2017 in various Israeli labels. 
For 2020, album number 8 is scheduled for a release at Belgian label Dacru Records. This album will continue in the known Atomic Pulse style and keep up with contemporary production levels.  

Apart from being a celebrated producer, Tamir is also an active performer. His extensive and vibrant career has taken him to all corners of the world. Some of the most memorable experiences include mainstage performances at Boom festival, Freedom festival (Portugal), Universo Parallelo , XXXperience festival (Brazil), Origin festival (South Africa), Soulclipse festival (Turkey), S.O.S. festival (Japan), Hadra festival (France), Ommix, Mikology (Mexico), Kitty Su, Rang Fest (India), Global Psyteam (USA), and almost any country that boosts a big or small PsyTrance scene. 

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