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Welcome to Joy Records, a vibrant and passionate music and entertainment collective based in the heart of Tel Aviv. Our mission is simple: to spread joy to the masses through the power of music, connecting people from all walks of life and creating unforgettable experiences.

With Joy , we have cultivated a community of artists, creatives, and music enthusiasts who share a deep love for good music and positive vibes. We believe that music has the extraordinary ability to uplift spirits, transcend language barriers, and ignite the spark of happiness within us all.

As we continue to grow, we embrace the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Our collective is not just limited to record labels, publishing, distribution music technology startups, booking agencies, and production houses - it's a tapestry of imagination, inspiration, and limitless creativity.

We are constantly seeking fresh talent and new ideas to bring into the mix. Whether you're an emerging artist looking for a platform to showcase your unique sound, a visionary entrepreneur with an innovative concept, or simply someone who shares our passion for joyful experiences, we welcome you with open arms.

At Joy, we live for the magic that happens when music and entertainment collide. We curate immersive events that transport you to a world where worries fade away, and all that matters is being present in the moment, surrounded by uplifting beats and infectious energy. From intimate gigs to large-scale festivals, our goal is to create spaces where happiness becomes contagious.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we explore the uncharted territories of sound, dance, and celebration. Let's connect, inspire, and uplift each other. Together, let's revel in the beauty of good music, great vibes, and the pure joy it brings.

Welcome to Joy, where the rhythm of life meets your soul.

Good Music | Great Vibes | Happy People

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